Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Apologies Apologies Apologies...

I truly truly truly am sorry for not posting in a while, i'm still getting into this! i have a fabulous something to share though..a little pop quiz! Don't worry darlings nothing like the ones back in our teen years though!
I'm going to put up pictures of 10 models and i want you to try and put them in order of richest to poorest :) sound fun? just a little game darlings...

^ Miranda Kerr^
^ Kate Moss (as if you needed telling) ^

^ Gisele Bundchen (as if you needed me to tell you) ^

^Daria Webowy ^
^ Doutzen Kroes ^

^ Carolyn Murphy ^
Adriana Lima ^
Enjoy :)
Some of the names are on the pictures, those that are not i've written next to them.
Joy peace and love, anais
x o x o

p.s. please spread the word about my little quiz, the more the better!