Friday, 22 May 2009

Kate Moss @ Topshop

So we still must wait until dearest kate hits the store but i've checked out the website and i'm loving some of the pieces...

...isn't Kate Moss just gorgeous!
Joy Peace and Love, Anais x o x o


  1. her summer collection is gorgeous, if only I had more money!! :) bought the animal print bikini yesterday though

  2. it totally is! if i had enough i would buy it allll
    ooo seriously, lucky you that's gorgeous!
    i'm thinking of buying the birds bandeau bikini

  3. Yeah, I love her collection too. Like the black jacket with golden wings on it.

  4. Kate Moss is just amazing and seems to get better every year. I love your blog! Come stop by and tell me what's in your makeup bag today sweetie...