Thursday, 21 May 2009

Up early getting ready for another beautiful day in NYC (: seriously all i have to do is glance out my window to make myself happy!
How's your morning going? Hope all is well.
Off to work as per usual let's hope darling miss V isn't there today (i really cannot stand that girl!)
Before i leave i'm thinking of getting Twitter, i used to have one but kept forgetting it and now it's boring beyond repair! Yes that's what i'll do, delete the old and start a new along with my fabulous new blog! Just wait and see what miss V says about my reeallyy isn't her colour ;)
oh my goodness, i just remembered it's kate moss at topshop day today! simply cannot wait to see it!
Anyway darling have an incredible day i'll be blogging later and tell you my twitter thing and how my day went!
joy peace and love, anais

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